Rory McCann Central

a Rory McCann fansite

Welcome to Rory McCann Central, my tribute site to the Scottish actor Rory McCann. You may know him for portraying Sandor "The Hound" Clegane on the HBO series Game Of Thrones. I hope you enjoy your stay! —Ariane


Who owns this site?
I, Ariane, own Rory McCann Central and I’m also the admin.

Are you in any way affiliated with Rory McCann himself?
No, I am not. Rory McCann Central is an unofficial fansite, in no way affiliated with Rory McCann himself. All e-mails coming to me that are directed to Mr McCann will be deleted as no matter how much I’d like, I cannot help you with contacting him.

Do you get paid for this site?
Not at all. I do this to purely show appreciation, pay tribute to a wonderful actor and because I love doing this.

Is this Rory McCann’s official site?
No, it isn’t. Mr McCann doesn’t currently have an official site.

Can I contribute articles, news, facts, quotes, photos to the site, or help you out in any ways?
I love it when people help me out! You can help out in the form of donations, which is anything from event photos to wallpapers to screencaps and all original artwork. Please contact me and you will receive full credit and my gratitude.

Can I use your pictures?
Feel free to use my pictures, wallpapers and icons for personal use. If you want to use an image or few on your own site, please e-mail me first; I am most likely to say yes, if you will give me proper credit.