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Welcome to Rory McCann Central, my tribute site to the Scottish actor Rory McCann. You may know him for portraying Sandor "The Hound" Clegane on the HBO series Game Of Thrones. I hope you enjoy your stay! —Ariane

Server Upgrade On Friday, July 1st

My host Webhosthpython will be upgrading the server my account is on Friday (July 1, 2022) to a new, more powerful one:

There will be very minimal downtime. We will migrate all of the accounts over ourselves to the new machine. When the migration has been completed, this is where the downtime will occur and last about 5 minutes while we swap the IPs out and activate the new server while powering down the old one. The exact time this will occur unfortunately is unknown since it depends on when the migration is done.

So if you notice any of my sites being down on Friday, this is probably the reason and it’ll be back up ASAP!

Meyrick’s DCI Daley to be adapted for TV

Rory McCann has been cast in the lead role as DCI Daley in the upcoming television series based on Denzil Meyrick’s DCI Daley books.

Denzil Meyrick’s DCI Daley series will be adapted for television, and will star “Game of Thrones” actor Rory McCann in the lead role. 

Rights to the books have been secured to adapt and produce the series by Ocean Independent, the production arm of talent agency Emptage Hallett, together with Fudge Park, award-winning producer of “The Inbetweeners”. The series will be written and directed by leading Scottish playwright and screenwriter Anthony Neilson. 

McCann is repped by Emptage Hallett; Meyrick by Jo Bell at Bell Lomax Moreton; Neilson by Julia Tyrell Management; and the DCI Daley novels are published in the UK by Polygon. The drama will be split into eight 60-minute episodes.

Meyrick said: “To have the opportunity to be part of this innovative, experienced and talented team is a dream come true. It will be fabulous, and not a little nail-biting, to see my characters brought to life on the small screen by such creative and highly regarded professionals. To say that this is exciting doesn’t do it justice. For a writer, it’s been a privilege to showcase the beautiful Kintyre peninsula. Seeing people so invested in this setting, the quirky, authentic and much-loved cast of characters, must be the goal of anyone putting pen to paper. I’m sure that the television production will take this to the next level.”

Neilson added: “I am privileged to be adapting Denzil Meyrick’s rich and atmospheric DCI Daley books for the screen. These stories are much more than typical whodunits and the whole team is committed to delivering a complex, compelling and accessible series that will stand comparison with the best adult dramas from Europe and the US.”


The Irregulars 1.01 Chapter One: An Unkindness In London Video Clips

The Irregulars 1.01 Chapter One: An Unkindness In London Video Clips

Game Of Thrones Bluray Screencaps & 4K/UHD Screencaps

I’ve added Bluray screencaps from 3.02-3.04 to the gallery 🙂

Gallery: Home > Television > Game Of Thrones (2011 – 2019) > Season 3

The reason I haven’t worked much on this site lately is that I concentrated on finishing my Game Of Thrones 4K/UHD screencaps gallery and that took most of my energy since November last year. I’m hoping to add both the Bluray and 4K/UHD screencaps of The Hound to the gallery, but in the meanwhile check out the GOT gallery for more 4K/UHD screencaps. Samples below!


The Irregulars 1.01 Screencaps

Rory is guest-starred in the first episode of The Irregulars 🙂 I’ve added screencaps to the gallery 😀 According to IMDB, he’ll also be in episode seven, so I’ll cap that when I reach it in my watching of the series.

Gallery: Home > Television > The Irregulars (2021) > 1.01 Chapter One: An Unkindness In London – Screencaps